Videos, Performances, Joy… Poetry.

End of Summer – Poetry Videos and Talking Creativity.

Having started to throw some ideas around with some amazing poets, I  began to wonder, how do spread our work and share it with others? I remember seeing a poet by the name of Leon, perform a poem called ‘Johnny’. Having been amazed by Leon, I asked him; “Can I find that online?”. It turns out I couldn’t , and this a problem for so many poets, people who love their work can’t access it, can’t relive it, can’t share it with others.

With this in mind, I teamed up with a long time friend, and amazing videographer, Robert Lawrence (of PHD Media). Together myself and Robert created two videos for my poems… and here they are.


Tap Tap Tap

Tap Tap Tap is poem about my experiences with ADHD. The video was created by Robert Lawrence of PHD Media, and stars Lorna Meehan and the young people of Continental Star FC. The poem and video have subsequently been endorsed and promoted by the ADHD Foundation, and I couldn’t be more proud of that fact!


Broke vs. Broken

As we walked through a nice little courtyard, returning some rented equipment that we had used to film Tap Tap Tap, myself and Rob saw a chair and table.  The idea for this video came and we made it happen, I’m glad we did.


Since my last post I have performed at a number of open mic events, including two of the best fixtures in the Birmingham poetry scene; Poetry Jam and Word Up. As well as performing at these events, I have been booked to perform at some events which are not just poetry orientated. On September 7th I performed at the York Road Street Festival in Kings Heath, it was a big open crowd and a daunting experience but as ever I loved it! Later in the evening I performed at Sunplugged, at Sun at the Station in Kings Heath, a more intimate crowd and another enjoyable performance.

On the 28th of September, I played at Sunplugged for the second time in a month. I decided that it was time to attempt to perform an extended set, as well as trying some new and experimental pieces. I performed 13 pieces and was received generously by the audience. It was a great experience and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joe French for giving me the platform to test out this extended set and all of the people who came down to show there support.


Crowd York Road Sunplugged


Coming Up


PQA Romford 11/10/2014

PQA Warwick 25/10/2014


Sunplugged @ Sun at the Station 19/10/2014

3 Days in November @ the Wheatsheaf pub in Walslall 8/11/2014



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