About Bailey’s Rap and Poetry

About Bailey

My name is Casey Bailey, I am a rapper and poet from Birmingham, UK. I am also a secondary school teacher. At some point I decided to merge two of my greatest passions (writing lyrics/poems and teaching/the development of young people) to create BRAP – Bailey’s Rap and Poetry.


About BRAP

Bailey’s Rap and Poetry work in a number of areas linked directly to Rap and Poetry. The services that can currently be provided include; running Rap and Poetry workshops, song writing with and for individual artists and bespoke poetry writing.

3 thoughts on “About Bailey’s Rap and Poetry

  1. Hey Casey, where’s our rap?
    You said it would be on your website because you were so haps,
    Hearing our sweet sweet rhymes you did nothing but clap,
    And you made a promise but broke it… Oooh shnaaaap!!!
    And ever since then when you said
    “It’s gonna be on my website” our hearts have bled,
    We’d thought we had made it, we thought it was our time,
    Obviously a jam doughnut wasn’t your prime?

      1. Thank you Casey, and of course we can forgive,
        We’ll remember your comment for as long as we will live,
        We’ll record it asap, and upload it onto your site,
        We’ll shine like the glaze on a doughnut…oh so bright! :-D

        Thank you.

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