Poetry: What’s it all about?



Given time to think, I tend to do two things, write and read. Having had the last 2 weeks off work I have written, read and thought about poetry and being a poet. So I looked it up, what is a poet anyway? The Oxford English Dictionary gives two clear definitions for the word Poet: –

  1. A poet who writes poems.
  2. A person possessing special powers of imagination or expression.
So, here is where I am at, the first definition is very obvious, and the second definition is very interesting. I’m of the opinion that everyone has the ability to be a poet, I do not like all poetry, and I personally think that I am very picky about the poetry that I do like, but I still believe that we all have the ability to be poets. The idea of having a ‘special’ power both bothers me and resonates with me. 
To me, as an individual, every poet that touches me with their words has a special power, any poet that doesn’t is just someone who wrote something. With that in mind I want to invite everybody and anybody write poetry and share poetry, not because I think I will like your poetry, but because I think someone might. Your poetry may touch someone, or they might just enjoy it, so write it. What’s the worse that can happen. 
I want to use this post to share a story of how I have seen my poems positively effect people, and to share with you some poets who I have grown to appreciate and love. The last two videos I have posted of my work have received a lot of positive feedback, and this is something that I appreciate massively. More than this I have had two very personal messages that have encouraged me and inspired me, to do what I love, for myself and for anyone else who may appreciate it. Having asked permission I want share the following messages that I have received about my poems.

In response to my poem ‘Dear Birmingham’ I received the following message on my Facebook page:

Hi Casey, I have listened to your poem about Birmingham (more than once!) and I just wanted to tell you what it meant to me. I come from Rubery and my husband used to work at the Rover factory. I was so happy to hear you talk about longbridg. I showed to my husband and he said it’s good that we still have proud young brummies! I love and will be looking out for what you’re gonna do next. Keep it up!”

In response to my poem ‘Oliver Twist’ I received this message:

Dear Casey, I love your poem ‘Oliver Twist’ I am Syrian and have family in Syria your poem is great and shows how people are struggling in other parts of the world. Thank you’.

I am sharing this feedback to show the impact that poetry can have on people. I want everyone, even if they are not a ‘poetry fan’, to have one poet they feel this way about. With this in mind the final thing I want to do is point you in the direction of two poets whose work I love!
Take some time out, sit down and look up Leon Priestnall and Amerah Saleh…
  1. Google their names.
  2. Immerse yourself in what they do.
  3. Message them and tell them what you love about their work.
  4. Thank me later.






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