Let’s Talk About the Summer

It has been 3 months since I’ve shared something on this site, so it’s important that I share what a hot summer it was, for a number of reasons.

Music: Progression is coming

Over the summer I really got down to work on my upcoming EP, ‘Progression’. As well as recording the majority of the tracks and completing the writing for the EP, I got together with my brother Robert W Lawrence to put together some visuals for the project. The videos for ‘Walk In’ and ‘Fly Out’ were released in the summer and the video for ‘Run Through’ is coming later this month.

Walk In

Fly Out


Poetry Performances

On the 7th of September I had the privilege of performing at the opening of Birmingham Heritage Week. Sharing the stage and microphone with Birmingham councillors, professors, The Lord Mayor and legendary Birmingham historian, Carl Chinn, was a pleasure and an honour. The fall out of a very successful launch was the invitation from Carl Chinn to open his key note speech later in the week. What an opportunity, what a speech he gave, and what a man!


Writing @ WriteYou

One of the reasons that I haven’t written anything for baileysrapandpoetry.com is that I have recently been invited to write for WriteYou.co.uk

Writing for a site that have published exclusive articles written for them by the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson is a great accolade, and one that I will continue to try to make the most of. Please take the time to check my profile, and some of articles, out.


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