Waiting at Bloomsbury Park


On a day where I saw that Stormzy has donated £9000 to send a student to Harvard, I would like to take the opportunity to thank my own heroes. I am currently sitting in a hospital room, looking over my computer at my new born baby, Xander Jay Bailey. He was born on 14.05.17 and I feel like I’ve known him a lifetime (not just his little tiny lifetime, a whole, big life time!). I am conscious that it took you guys the same amount of time that I have known my son, to raise over £650 to support my Waiting at Bloomsbury Park poetry pamphlet. WOW!

I had a conversation on Friday about the Crowd Funder and the stretch target, with someone who donated money asking me what the stretch target money could be used for. There are a number of ways this funding will be useful, and I thought I might as well share them here so you all have an idea. Promotion of the pamphlet can be funded, or partially funded through the money raised by this fund, this could look like sponsored posts on Facebook, the production of posters for bookshops that are going to stock the book and the funding required for a book launch.

I am also clear that this project is a small collection of poetry, and not the last collection of poetry that I will put together. This pamphlet has had a team of people behind it, and I don’t just mean you people who donated to the Crowd Funder. Some of these people and there work are covered in the money already raised, some of the aren’t. The front cover design of this pamphlet, the first edit of this pamphlet and first proof of this pamphlet were done by people who are more than talented and skilful enough to be paid for what they do. Despite this, they did not charge for these services, they did it to support the project, some of them even still donated their money to the project. These are people who could be paid for their work going forward, perhaps the next poetry publication or music project from Bailey’s Rap and Poetry will provide work for other talented artists, perhaps some of that funding will come from your generous donations above and beyond the target of this project.

One thing is for sure, any money that you have or will put into this project will go directly to supporting the work that I am producing, and that you have opted to support.

On a separate note, how about this idea… I often have an idea, or concept for a poem pop into my mind at random. Tonight, my tired mind held the concept of a small book, a short poetry collection: Daddy Diaries!

Watch this space. 🙂

To keep supporting the Crowd Funder… Click the link.


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