Black Country Broadsheet Project

As some of you will be aware already, I have recently joined forces with team of super-poets, from and/or based in and around the Black Country area. For those who have been unaware to this point, we’re basically like the Avengers, but doing poetry (I’m Thor), so where have you been?

I’m not going to dig too deep into the project, because you can find out more at this great blog by the Black Country Arts Foundry. The project has been set up by the legendary Poets, Prattlers and Pandemonialists, and here is what you need to know, the poets involved are:


Having created a collection of poetry, with one poem from each poet in the format of a broadsheet, every poet was fortunate enough to have a photoshoot with the amazing Nicole Lovell. Each poet has also had a video created by the amazing Trapeze Film company, and with a simple click on the link below, you can watch the whole the playlist! Thank me later.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 21.01.37Black Country Broadsheet Project Playlist

The last thing you need to know is that you can come and catch us performing at a number of Black Country venues throughout April and May. Check the information below and come and check the Poetry Avengers out!


  • Dudley: 9 April, Cafe Grande, 7pm – Jeremy Grant, Rick Sanders aka Willis the Poet, Marianne Burgess, Dave Pitt (Oops – Too late).
  • Walsall: 16 April, The Pretty Bricks, 7pm – Emma Purshouse, R.M. Francis, Mogs, Bones.
  • Great Bridge: 19 April, Great Bridge Library, 7pm – Steve Pottinger, Emma Purshouse, Jeremy Grant, Rick Sanders aka Willis the Poet.
  • Stourbridge: 9 May, Claptrap, 7pm – R.M. Francis, Mogs, Steve Pottinger, Casey Bailey.
  • Wolverhampton: 15 May, The Lighthouse, 7pm – Bones, Casey Bailey, Marianne Burgess, Dave Pitt.


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