Recently I decided to spam my Instagram account (@Casey_Bailey) with snippets of videos from different projects. Quite a few people (at least one) DM’d me asking for more info or links, so I decided to put both here. Check it out, let me know what you think.

I’m Here

Following being selected as one of Brum’s 30 under 30, I attended a celebratory drinks reception where I met Deborah Cadman OBE, who had been one of the judges. We discussed a number of things, including ensuring that people from the West Midlands were not overlooked when big business moved to the region, particularly POC and females. We spoke about a project/campaign under the banner of #ImHere. When Birmingham and Coventry tried to bring Channel 4’s headquarters to the Midlands, this idea resurfaced in the form of a commission, from the West Midlands Combined Authority, to write a poem to support the bid. This video was taken at first performance of the poem, as the final part of our bid.

Mipim 2019

This video came on the back of the I’m Here poem being well received. I was commissioned to write a poem for Mipim 2019, by the West Midlands Growth Company. The brief asked for me to explore the cultural and creative aspects of different areas of the Midlands.The process for this commission came with some real challenges and some great experiences. In writing this poem, I had a number of references that I had to make as part of the brief, fitting this i without feeling like they were forced or shoe-horned was the first challenge. The second was the performance. I performed the poem in front of a large screen playing a video displaying images related to the poem. This meant that the poem had to be performed in a specific tempo to ensure that all of the reference points matched up with the video. The great experiences of this project started with the creation of the video. I worked with my guys over at Route Thirty Six and had nice day in the studio getting everything right. The other privilege attached to this brief was the performance location; Cannes, France! WMGC flew me out, put me up and looked after me amazingly well, and I was introduced to the crowd by Steven Knight (Writer of The Peaky Blinders)!! 🙂

Making an Entrance

This project is a real blessing to be involved with, and I love the way the video turned out (big up Oli on that one). As Symphony Hall works toward the building of a new entrance and, potentially more importantly that, engaging a wider and more varied group of patrons; they invited me to work to create a poem capturing where they are at and where they are heading. Salute to everyone who has been involved in this process, especially the legend that is Karen Daw.

P110 #1Take

When I prepping to put out my hip hop EP I decided i had to link up with one of the major platforms out there to spread the word. P110 came through and we shot this in Digbeth. The whole point of the project was to use the medium of hip hop to push a positive message, the biggest victory was when a woman who had brought her daughter from North Wales to Birmingham for the first time stopped with her daughter to watch me record the video. She later found my website online and sent me a message to say that her and her daughter now watch the video online, very proud that ‘they were there!’. She said it was great to hear such positivity expressed creatively.

Walk In and Run Through

These are the videos to the intro and outro to the Progression EP. Shot by my brother and long term creative collaborator Robert Lawrence, we decided to keep the videos simple, but still try to capture their significance to the project. Walk in is travelling into the darkness, Run Through heading out, with a new found light. When Walk In dropped it was shared by Tom Watson MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, who described it as genius. Can’t lie, it gassed me up.

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