About BRAP

About Bailey

Casey Bailey is a poet, author, writer, spoken word performer, rapper, song writer and a secondary school senior leader from Birmingham. He runs Bailey’s Rap and Poetry (BRAP), and through this initiative has performed and spoken at events in the UK, as well as run workshops in rap, poetry, music and song writing.

Having performed at multiple TEDx Events, his first short collection of poetry ‘Waiting at Bloomsbury Park’ was published in July 2017, Casey has been described as a ‘lyrical and literal poet, a conscious Hip Hop artist and a thoughtful and reflective writer’. He provides social commentary and analysis through his poetry, lyrics and articles. Casey is most comfortable when he is consciously expressing his thoughts and feelings, with the hope that they will go on to have an impact on the thoughts and feelings of others.


About BRAP

Bailey’s Rap and Poetry work in a number of areas linked directly to Rap and Poetry. The services that can currently be provided include; running Rap and Poetry workshops, song writing with and for individual artists and bespoke poetry writing.

8 thoughts on “About BRAP

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  1. Hey Casey, where’s our rap?
    You said it would be on your website because you were so haps,
    Hearing our sweet sweet rhymes you did nothing but clap,
    And you made a promise but broke it… Oooh shnaaaap!!!
    And ever since then when you said
    “It’s gonna be on my website” our hearts have bled,
    We’d thought we had made it, we thought it was our time,
    Obviously a jam doughnut wasn’t your prime?

    1. First of all Doughnut group… You are amazing and this rap just cracked me up… hahaha…

      Second of all, I lost my recording… PLEASE re-record it and I’ll put it on the site…

      And then forgive me! 🙂

      1. Thank you Casey, and of course we can forgive,
        We’ll remember your comment for as long as we will live,
        We’ll record it asap, and upload it onto your site,
        We’ll shine like the glaze on a doughnut…oh so bright! 😀

        Thank you.

  2. Hi

    I am a primary school teacher at Greenholm School in Great Barr, Birmingham. I am currently working towards putting on a huge arts festival on our 9 acre site on Saturday 7th July 2018 (see draft flyer attached).

    We have been working with the Birmingham Hippodrome on readying this to showcase as many different art forms as possible as well as involving as many companies from Birmingham as possible. We already have a few acts and things organised, such as circus, hip hop, poetry, some storytelling and some pottery.

    The plan is to have a professionals stage and a ‘schools’ stage for performances, as well as lots of ‘live’ workshops around our field where people can experience lots of different art forms.

    I loved the look of your website and some of the things that you do and wondered if there was any way you would like to be involved, whether that be performing on stage, hosting a workshop during the day, having a stall to represent your company so people could know more about what you do or even come and work with some of our children beforehand to create a performance they could showcase/could be showcased together/

    We have a budget available to accommodate for costs etc and I would be happy to meet in person/speak on the phone if you would like more information etc.

    Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

    Many thanks

    James Christie

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