Progression is Here After working on establishing the idea behind progression in the second half of 2016, I'm happy to say that I have got the finished product here for you. Progression is about promoting the positive and always pushing for growth. Remember that as you listen. Download Link Casey Bailey - Progression Big Up... Continue Reading →

P110 – #1take

Last week I continued my return to making music and the build up to the release of the Progression EP, by catching up with P110 and recording a #1take.Check it out on the link below and like, follow, subscribe to the social media platforms!#progressioniscoming Casey Bailey - P110 #1take


On Saturday 5th November 2016, I had the pleasure of travelling to London and performing at TEDxWandsworth, in an event themed 'Perspective'. The video will be uploaded onto YouTube shortly and I will be sharing it on all platforms. Watch this space!

Let’s Talk About the Summer

It has been 3 months since I've shared something on this site, so it's important that I share what a hot summer it was, for a number of reasons. Music: Progression is coming Over the summer I really got down to work on my upcoming EP, 'Progression'. As well as recording the majority of the... Continue Reading →


Predisposition   As a kid I watched the Olympics, One gunshot started a race. 8 black men running. As a child I asked my dad why they are all black. Apparently being born black, is being born with a predisposition to be fast.   I like the sound of this!   As a man I... Continue Reading →

Poetry: What’s it all about?

    Given time to think, I tend to do two things, write and read. Having had the last 2 weeks off work I have written, read and thought about poetry and being a poet. So I looked it up, what is a poet anyway? The Oxford English Dictionary gives two clear definitions for the... Continue Reading →

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